Contingency Recruitment


Why contingency recruitment

Contingency recruitment is a success-fee based service. This effectively eliminates the risk to the client. This may be useful if your business utilizes opportunistic hires and want Haines Christo to present top quality candidates when they are available. We offer a reduction of fee for retained & exclusive searches.

Haines Christo is as a strategic resourcing partner for renewable energy projects Australia wide. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to recruitment, encompassing both white and blue-collar skillsets

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As specialists in the field of recruitment, our mission is to actively seek out and secure top-tier talent within the realms of renewables, mining, construction, Information Technology, and associated industries.

Equipped with a wealth of expertise, honed skills, and an extensive network, we are dedicated to enhancing your business by consistently attracting the ideal candidates for your needs.

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